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We Build Web Apps to Power Your Business

  1. Need Content For Your Site? Try our Content App, RichContent

    RichContent is a simple, self-serve way for website owners to add relevant, high quality articles and videos to their sites. From new to existing websites, users can easily expand or refresh the content on their website.

    Content is sourced from an industry leading library containing millions of rights-cleared, premium articles. The same library powering leading industry brands such as McGraw-Hill Companies, The Chicago Sun-Times, Cox Newspapers, Kohler and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

    The Power of RichContent

    This ground-breaking tool will ignite your new domain registrations, increase domain renewals, and ultimately deliver an enriching experience for both customers and end consumers -transform the conversation from cost to value. Customers can get all their content needs met within a single interface rather than managing multiple ineffective RSS feeds or paying the high cost for custom content.

    Your Benefits

    • An inexpensive solution with access to millions af rights-cleared articles and videos in numerous categories

    • A simple, copy-and-paste widget that displays content to match your site's look and feel

    • A Hassle-free, time saving tool that does the work

    • A Low-cost, high scale way to give your users what they're looking for while expanding your site's depth

    • 150,000+ videos

    • Over 400,000 artides

    • Millions of blog articles

    • 3,000 new pieces of content added per day and growing.

    How Does It Work

    A Rich Content widget is a portable piece of code that can be placed on your website to display Rich Content related articles and videos. Widgets can be used for displaying related links, full articles and videos.


    $15 Per Month

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  2. Need Site Traffic?

    Our Traffic Generator App guarantees 100 visitors per month to your site. It submits adds across the web to attract interested customers.

    Traffic Generator ads may appear in web sites with content related to your business. The portfolio of web sites includes such premier properties as,,, and

    $498 for a 6 month campaign (less than $85 a month)

    • What is Traffic Generator?

      Traffic Generator is a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing service. It directs a guaranteed number of highly qualified clicks to your web site by identifying keywords for your business, and placing ads in Web sites.

      Traffic Generator also sends you a monthly report by email, giving details about the month’s activity.

      Traffic Generator supplies the expertise of trained and certified Internet marketing specialists in an affordable package for small and medium businesses

    • How does it work?

      Once you purchase Traffic Generator, you configure it by selecting a category for your business, supplying a brief description of your business and product line, and specifying a URL that you want your ads to link to.

      Internet marketing specialists use the configuration information you supply and the content of your web site, and apply their expertise to identify the ad copy that is most likely to drive customers to your site. They also identify which web sites are a good match for your ads, and arrange for your ads to appear on them.

      Your ad displays only on sites whose visitors are likely to be interested in your ad, with a guaranteed number of click-throughs per month. You receive a monthly report of the activity on your campaign.

    • It's like adding your own marketing team.


      Your ads are created by Internet marketing experts who have extensive training and multiple Internet marketing certifications. They design your ads based on the information you supply about your business. They also review your web site to identify unique details for ad creation.

      Sometimes, your campaign design doesn’t generate the guaranteed number of clicks in the first month. If that happens, your unused clicks roll over to the next month, and Traffic Generator’s Internet marketing specialists modify the campaign to generate more clicks.

      If there are unused clicks at the end of the six-month subscription period, they roll over into the next subscription period. Or, if you cancel Traffic Generator, we continue to deliver unused clicks until you’ve received the guaranteed number.


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